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Last year I got my first gig as an animator. It came at a beautiful time too. I was hired on by Minnow Mountain from fall 2020- summer 2021 along with many other amazing animators to create "Apollo 10 and a half: A space age childhood". I worked as a character animator which meant that I was to draw movement in individual characters and copy the actor's performance in lines. It was an immensely strange and wonderful experience because we were in a pandemic, we all worked from home. I met my coworkers in person after the 9 months of my task was over. Everyone was real and had 3 dimensions...and height... it was so wonderful and yet very strange. The technique used to create the film was a traditional one called rotoscoping. To use this method, you need pre-recorded video footage that you must then trace over frame by frame. Or in our case 12 frames per second. The result is a highly realistic movement and look whilst still being able to manipulate that reality very easily because it is still drawn. And things that are drawn can be redrawn if plans change. It's by far one of the coolest things I've worked on and an incredible beauty to watch. I am very proud of myself and of the studio and my peers for pulling together such a magnificent film. Cheers to Apollo 10 and a half's Netflix Debut!

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Hello! Welcome to my blog. As we come to the anniversary of the corona-virus I've been thinking about how to improve the way i check in, both professionally and personally. I feel this is the perfect blend to try out where I will be able to update ya'll with whats going on in my life periodically. I feel instagram can get to messy with that and portfolios can take too long to update to perfection so ill try this! My first update is that I have decided to create a new tab and collect all the works that i have done in pandemic under one category. Here you'll see a screenshot of this in the works as I reach back into the depths of my files to find and reunite them. They are few in number but more powerful when viewed together and at this point deserve their own space for display. Thanks for checking on me <3 I hope you are doing okay.

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