Oasis Resort

Walt Disney Imaginations Competition 

2019 Finalist


I worked on this intensive project with teammates Juan Felipe Suarez Padilla, Nicole Bariuan, and Scia Verma for the 2019 Imaginations Competition. Our team emerged as one of the top 6 from hundreds of applicants across the nation. The prompt this year was to design a resort or theme park based on one of the wonders of the world for a design contest through Walt Disney Imagineering. 

"Inspired by the rich stories surrounding the existence of the Hanging Gardens amidst Babylonian Culture, Oasis is an enchanting experience drawing from both contemporary Arabic and ancient Mesopotamian culture. The resort mirrors a living oasis – epitomizing the vision of a completely sustainable ecosystem in the midst of an arid climate."


This is a story board sequence I did while working with graduate film student Matt Sherwood on his film "Biters" which is still in progress. "Biters" is a short horror film about a surfer who finds herself infected by a parasite after bumping into an infected bull corpse floating in the ocean. She spends the next few days noticing changes in her body and is horrified by what she finds. After a battle with the small beast she ends up with permanent damage in  her inner ears and is informed she will be unable to surf again as a result.


Student Union Mural: Coming Soon

This spring I have been working on a mural design for the University of Texas Student Union. I have been meeting with the directors regularly to talk about my design choices and their needs for the mural. Work was put on pause during the Covid-19 situation but will hopefully resume fall 2020.

Bleed for the Throne

DSN MFG and Big spoon


I created realistic looking brick textures for the walls and arches of a game of thrones themed castle alongside a team of 3-5 incredible artists. Following the completion of the wooden pieces by the talented wood shop crew each brick was hand textured and painted by the paint team.Specifically designed for the interior of Fair Market (an events center in Austin, TX), Bleed for the throne was scheduled as a 3 day blood drive and interactive SXSW experience . Using joint compound we were able to create a rough texture afterwards applying layers of paints for the perfect gritty faux finish. Later we went onsite to follow up as the touch up crew.

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