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Translucent Backdrop

4' x 6' backlit painting based on an MGM studios backdrop that was used in the 1962 film called "Two Weeks in Another Town". Saved by the Art Directors Guild: Backdrop Recovery Project. This was made using an old school scenic painting technique that involves creating a background by first painting the front in a realistic but efficient manner. Then flipping the painting over to darken all areas save those you wish light to pass through for a glowing effect when illuminated from behind. This allows one to use the same backdrop for a day-time scene as well as a night-time scene.

two weeks in anther town backdrop study
IMG_20191212_112543 (2).jpg
IMG_20191212_112305 (2).jpg

Translucent Backdrop Progress Shots

These are the steps that I took to paint the project you see above. Feel free to click through and view its progression and my reference.

Some close ups

Here are some closer details of this painting

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