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I created this collection of objects in response to Covid-19 regulations limiting travel. Since I wasn't going to be able to go out to enjoy new sights, colour and textures I wanted to create new experiences focused on these qualities at home. All of these objects explore material as a source of comfort or curiosity in these times and are made from things found in my own home. 

Pop-Up Shop

In Spring 2018 during a Digital fabrication class I designed a table specific to the needs of someone who frequently sells at craft markets and would benefit from a display that could be set up within minutes. Inspired by the engineering mechanisms behind pop-up cards, I developed a technique that allowed me to adapt this to wood by sewing the pieces together with chord. The entire structure was proto-typed first in cardboard and later modeled on rhino before using a CNC router to cut out and and assemble it with wood glue.

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