Translucent Backdrop

4' x 6' backlit painting based on an MGM studios backdrop that was used in the 1962 film called "Two Weeks in Another Town". Saved by the Art Directors Guild: Backdrop Recovery Project. This was made using an old school scenic painting technique that involves creating a background by first painting the front in a realistic but efficient manner. Then flipping the painting over to darken all areas save those you wish light to pass through for a glowing effect when illuminated from behind. This allows one to use the same backdrop for a day-time scene as well as a night-time scene.

Student Union Mural: Coming Soon

This spring I have been working on a mural design for the University of Texas Student Union. I have been meeting with the directors regularly to talk about my design choices and their needs for the mural. Work was put on pause during the Covid-19 situation but will hopefully resume fall 2020.


2'6" x 4' ft painting of a Buddha statue to study texture with a stone-like quality. Here the focus was to take advantage of an already textured under-painting to minimize the amount of layers needed to complete the effect. 

Church of the Citrus

18" x 18" painting of a constructed environment in which slices of fruit act as stained glass windows which pool light into a room occupied by a single altoid sat on it's box alongside a piece of string. For the fullest effect I created my own reference imagery to transform these objects into characters that inhabit a believable space.

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