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Self Portrait Colour Study

As an assignment I was to explore creating a painting in which colour speaks first before all else in the composition. For this piece I under painted in a hot red and then build on top of that base with my desired blues and greens. I wanted colour to act as a form of identity and a tool to incite emotion. A longing, a soft sweetness, a and a sadness.  


CMBXP Headshot Illustrations

In 2017 I was selected as one of four artists to recreate speaker head shots for the Creatives Meet Buisness a three workshop on artistry and skills development, business, marketing, and storytelling. The drawn head shots were to be used in place of photographs of the speakers in their guides and website. So in less than 12 weeks I created 23 different portraits (including one of myself) for the event. Each piece was created by sketching out the scene first in light pencil, then applying a mid-tone using water colour and then following up with charcoal. This technique allowed for lots of lovely texture and colour but also kept it simple to deliver the drawings on time.



A portrait of a wonderful woman who I painted using a technique I'm still growing to understand. It involves doing a water colour painting, layering it with a clear coat of modge podge and using oil paint on top for  unique set of colours and textures. Angel is a fierce and resilient woman and I wanted to make sure I captured that same gaze held by empresses long past. Her neck reads; "we are ready for a world in which people can learn without institutions. Technology gives us networks and tools: conferences and informal gatherings, gives us learning environments and we have the desire." From a book by kio stark called "don't go back to school".

colour altered2 cropped.jpg


It's called addiction but not in the negative sense of needing to get rid of a habit. The habit being art/the paintbrush I'm smoking. More in a way of knowing this it what I want to be attached to and if I stop, I want there to be cravings, dare I say withdrawl, until I can have it again and feel that peace.

Patrick the Magical Girl


This piece was designed as a commission for a dear friend of mine with a particular affinity for magical girls which is a sub-genre of Japanese anime that  features girls who use magical powers. Patrick told me that they imagined themselves with long flowing curls, a cute hat and large bow. From there we took a look at costumes from some of their favorite characters and identified the similarities between them and combined various elements until finally settling on this one.


A study using an oil paint and watercolour technique I have been developing. It involves doing a water colour painting, layering it with a clear coat of modge podge and using oil paint on top. My aim for this technique is to strike a unique balance between harsh and soft marks to make an image that leans both ways at once when you look at it. I also strove to capture the humorous and endearing character of Taneesha by painting her with a terribly distracted and even interrupted appearance.


A painting which won the title of Mixed Media Class Champion in the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo in 2014. One of 54 pieces that made it to auction from a total of 300,000 entries in all categories. Entered by students all over Houston from more than 100 school districts.


Life Painting Study

A painting done using a live model as reference during a 3 hour class. Contrary to most of my other work the focus here was on exploring colour and planes of the body to show light and form rather than expressing the individual himself. 


Whittling the Day Away

A painting which won the title of Grand Champion in the Fort Bend County Fair in their School Art Auction Program which is open to any high school student residing in Fort Bend. The painting was one of 18 that made it to Auction in 2013.


Maestro is was a study in character through body language and colour. What interested me about this figure was the way he looks interrupted. Not quite in stride but not at rest either. 


As an ongoing personal project I frequently sketch others as an audience member. I generally do this in seminars, panels and talks I attend as a way to both a way to remember the speaker better and as a nice ice breaker if I should have any questions afterwards. As a result, each image varies considerably in detail due to the distance from the speaker and length of the seminar. However, they are always done from life and I generally spend between 5 and 50 minutes on it depending on what their presentation allows. I often get them to sign next to their drawing and as a result I lovingly call this series my yearbook. 

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