This is a story board sequence I did while working with graduate film student Matt Sherwood on his film "Biters" which is still in progress. "Biters" is a short horror film about a surfer who finds herself infected by a parasite after bumping into an infected bull corpse floating in the ocean. She spends the next few days noticing changes in her body and is horrified by what she finds. After a battle with the small beast she ends up with permanent damage in  her inner ears and is informed she will be unable to surf again as a result.


Selkie Story Board

This is a visualization of a Scottish folk tale about a Selkie, a mythological creature that can transform from a seal to a human by taking off her coat. In this story a fisherman unknowingly comes across a group of Sekies playing on land. Startled the group quickly put on their coats and swim back into the sea. Unfortunately one woman does not make it in time and the fisherman picks up her coat. Knowing that once in possession of her magical talisman she could not return to sea, he beckons her to return home with him and promises to be good to her. He hides the coat and overtime the two create a life together, falling in love and starting a family. But although the Selkie woman loved her children dearly, every time she looked to sea she wept for her the home she could not return to. One day her youngest son asked her why she looked so sad and after explaining, the little one ran away returning with the coat his father had hidden. The mother rejoiced, embraced her boy and left transforming back into the seal she once was. Later his father arrives home to find the boy scared for the scolding he thought he was about to receive, for he had set his mother free. Instead the old fisherman held him close, knowng this boy was braver and more selfless than he could ever be.


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