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Student Union Mural

In spring 2020 I began meeting with the directors of the University of Texas Student Union. As a fresh graduate I realized I wanted to encompass both the dark and the light of this time in my life. University to me, felt like both exploring the unknown and also like being lost in it. I felt the sun going down in the woods was a beautiful metaphor for this, one could view it as a beautiful moment end or a dangerous time when the creatures of the darkness emerge. To express this, I painted magical fireflies with the same glow as the eyes of dangerous coyotes so that one isn't sure which is which until further inspection. It was also important to me to feature actual students so that fellow students would really feel connected and reflected in their surroundings so this mural features fellow students Danielle Henderson and Juan Leyva. 

Translucent Backdrop

4' x 6' backlit painting based on an MGM studios backdrop that was used in the 1962 film called "Two Weeks in Another Town". Saved by the Art Directors Guild: Backdrop Recovery Project. This was made using an old school scenic painting technique that involves creating an environment by first painting the front in a realistic but efficient manner. Then flipping the painting over to darken all areas save those you wish light to pass through for a glowing effect when illuminated from behind. This allows one to use the same backdrop for a day-time scene as well as a night-time scene.

Commissioned home mural 

This piece was designed to enhance a working from home desk space in someone's home. My client knew exactly the look she wanted so I created a design based on her feedback. This 6x6ft floral piece now creates an environment that she enjoys working with and keeping tidy. 

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