Oasis Resort: 2019 Finalist for the Walt Disney Imaginations Competition 

A design project I worked on with teammates Juan Felipe Suarez Padilla, Nicole Bariuan, and Scia Verma for the 2019 Imaginations Competition. The prompt was to design a resort of theme park based on one of the wonders of the world so we chose the hanging gardens of Babylon for our inspiration.

"Inspired by the rich stories surrounding the existence of the Hanging Gardens amidst Babylonian Culture, Oasis: A Disney Resort and Spa serves as a relaxing and immersive retreat for families and friends alike. With a towering central garden and wildlife spread throughout, Oasis brings the wonder of the Hanging Gardens to then country of Qatar. The resort mirrors a living oasis – epitomizing the vision of a completely sustainable ecosystem in the midst of an arid climate. Whether it’s strolling along the sparking blue path or gazing up at the constellations from the observatory, Guests will be treated to an enchanting experience drawing from both contemporary Arabic and ancient Mesopotamian culture."


A series of illustrations and character designs soon to be compiled into a look book. These images accompany the written work of recently graduated script writer Ike McIntosh. The story is intended to be an animated pilot for a television show about Maxine, an 11 year old girl who simultaneously battles aliens to save earth with her karate skills while trying to pass her classes. 

Patrick the Magical Girl


This piece was designed as a commission for a dear friend of mine with a particular affinity for magical girls which is a sub-genre of Japanese anime that  features girls who use magical powers. Patrick told me that they imagined themselves with long flowing curls, a cute hat and large bow. From there we took a look at costumes from some of their favorite characters and identified the similarities between them and combined various elements until finally settling on this one.

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