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Roxolana is a visual artist who wants more paintings in the world of real personality rather than realism. She paints to capture the authenticity of her subjects, in her work she is mainly interested in utilizing texture, colour and attention to form to paint "what she sees rather than what she think she sees".

She is particularly interested in depicting people and places authentically by paying close attention to how their features operate as an extension of their personality. Connecting the details to the whole by identifying what elements express that unique flavour and also by what means that is being communicated. 

She has always loved getting to know her subject as she draws, trying to somehow make the drawing not just a likeness but an image of someone or something unmistakably original in character. Her ultimate goal in any piece of work is in depicting particular features of the body or space, identifying a personal gesture that works in conjuncture to create an authentic representation. For her, creating is a way of thinking and understanding, it's a way of both dissecting and relating. Believing that communicating and understanding each other is one of the greatest talents we have as people and even more so as artists.

Contact me: roxolana@yahoo.com